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6Sonar is renewed, evolved and with a new member in the line-up.


Sven Havlicek.

The new powerful voice in the band.

"EVERLASTING" New Video clip!

The Band

2014 line-up

Team Member

Sven Havlícek

Lead Vocals

He lives in Prague, Czech Republic, He is the new singer since 2013 when Srod found his talent on Youtube, just what 6sonar was looking for!, someone so open with genres of music and also plays guitar very good!

Team Member

Srod Almenara

Guitars & backing vocals

Srod lives in Panama City, Panama, but lived his whole life in Venezuela with the other members where Sexto Sonar was born in December, 2004. He is considered the leader and the founder of the band. He has endorsements from ESP Guitars, Marshall Amplification and more.

Team Member

Yeff Marval

Keyboards & backing vocals.

Yeff lives in Maracay, Venezuela. The team Srod/Yeff creates the arrangements, sequences, orchestral, synths and more for giving the air that 6sonar has on the last album.

Team Member

Hector Rivas


Hector lives in Maracay, Venezuela. Since 2005 he is the bass player of Sexto Sonar now called 6Sonar, this guy describes what is to sound powerful when he plays his 6-string bass and also is one of the evil minds on this band.

Team Member

Alberto Briceño


Albert lives in Maracay, Venezuela. He's the drummer of 6sonar since 2010, this guy has a great talent when plays drums and can play different genres of music which is very important on this band.

Albums and Side project albums

World in Chaos

World In Chaos


The second album of Sexto Sonar, well known as "EP", the first one with English lyrics.
this album was released for free.

Enfrentando La Realidad



Enfrentando la Realidad (Facing The Reality) is the first work of this band.

Nature Album Digital


(Digital version)

The first Srod's instrumental soloist album, dedicated to the lovely Nature.

Nature Album Cd


(CD - Digipak)

The first Srod's instrumental soloist album, dedicated to the lovely Nature.

Game Of Thrones Single

Game Of Thrones

(Main Theme - Rains of Castamere)

A cover of Srod's favorite show of all times, includes 2 tracks.

Let It Go Single

Let It Go (Single)

Disney's Frozen

A rock version of Disney's Frozen movie song "Let It Go".

Mega Man Single

Pursuit Of Justice

Mega Man Singles

2 tracks from the soundtrack of Mega Man 2 & X2.

6Sonar wants to come back on stage.

Preparing for touring.

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Videos & Pictures

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Short Bio

Sexto Sonar evolves into 6Sonar.

Short Biography

Alright, let's make the story short, Sexto Sonar was born in December, 2004 in Venezuela with the main idea to write progressive metal songs, we have been through many politics problems so our lyrics are a way to protest so the first 2 albums we wrote about it, in Spanish and English respectively, those productions help us to win the best award in Venezuela for metalheads and rockers as the best Rock/Metal band in the country, Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy) made a review for our album in the Metal Hammer magazine in United Kingdom.

After many years playing on the stages around latin america the band decided to make something new and different in 2013, they wanted a new sound, new atmospherics, modern and powerful, but different minds made the lead singer leaves the band; The songs were already instrumentally written, however, Srod had an idea, he wanted to globalize the band, then he was looking for a new singer on internet and he found it on Youtube, the singer's name is Sven Havlíček from Czech Republic, when the band scheduled a meeting via videocall, they were expecting somebody cold and maybe not friendly but it was completly different than expected, Sven was the coolest guy ever, inmediatly they feel identified each other, even when Sven never played in a progressive band before, after hours of chat they started the epic journey to compose lyrics and record instruments, that was in the middle of 2013.

In 2014 Srod had the idea to change a bit the name of the band, from Sexto Sonar into 6Sonar, because the last name was pretty hard to pronounce in some languages, although both names mean almost the same, the pronounciation is "Six Sonar".

6Sonar is renewed, new look, new music, new singer, new directions and now needs your support to continue the legacy.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need, for us it would be a pleasure.

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Srod Almenara

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Srod Almenara
Panama, Venezuela & Czech Republic

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